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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 24, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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and it costs a family $60,000 a year. that's it for us on the five. thank you so much for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. special report up next. tracing the roots of terror. the fbi goes to russia in search of answers about the boston bombing, and we talk about how terrorism shapes the legacy of president george w. bush. from dallas, texas, this is special report. good evening. i'm bret baier. we are coming to you live from the campus of southern methodist university in dallas site of the new george w. bush presidential library and museum. the facility here will be dedicated tomorrow with all four living ex-presidents and president obama on hand. we'll have more on that in just a bit.
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in is a fox news alert. a major development in the boston bombing investigation. we now know that at least two american security organizations were tipped off by the russians about the alleged radicalization of one of the suspects, but no larger alarm bells went off. each day now seems to bring with it another confusing or conflicting statement from administration officials on some element of this investigation. chief intelligent correspondent kathryn herrage has the story. >> they confirm to fox news that the cia was contacted by the russian counterparts in september of 2011 with virtually the same information the fbi was given six months earlier, that the russians believe tamerlan tsarnaev was a radical islamist. they were told that at the cia's request that he was entered into
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a government database of known and suspected terrorists. >> reporter: a new intelligence bulletin reviewed by fox news concludes based on new forensic analysis that the boston bombs from remote controlled toy cars. the fbi and homeland security bulletin reads in part, quote, each device likely incorporate an electric fusing system using components from remote control toy cars such as a transmitter and speed control and an electronic speed control. mike mccall is regularly briefed on the investigation. >> this transmitter that was used out of a toy car, that's a very sophisticated pressure cooker bomb that you don't see every day. and so i personally, my judgment is they had training performed by either an individual or individuals who are still at large. >> reporter: throughout the day in boston where the vice president attended a service for
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the m.i.t. police officer shot dead during last week's man hunt, the administration struggled to reconcile its case. >> whether it's al qaeda of the fattah or two twisted, perverted cowardly knockoff jihadists here in boston, why do they do what they do? >> reporter: the characterization of the tsarnaev brothers as home grown terrorists with no foreign ties prompted questions. >> that investigation is not complete and we're not going to make any conclusions until we have all the facts. >> reporter: while it's not clear whether the secretary of state kerry's comments were briefed, he said it's key. >> we had a young person who went to russia and chechnya bewe people up in boston. he came back with a willingness to kill people. >> reporter: when pushed by
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reporters, the administration appeared to dial back, even criticize secretary kerry's assessment. >> the secretary was broad concern about radicalism and not necessarily offering any more specific information about the case but the context of how this came up is really radicalism. >> i think that in a situation like this we ought to let the investigators do their work and not jump to conclusions as the preds said on friday. >> another u.s. intelligence official insists the information was shared appropriately with homeland security and other agencies adding that the agency review, like the fbi review, found no derogatory information two years before the bombing, bret. >> kathryn, thank you. as kathryn mentioned, across the charles river from boston in cambridge another of the victims of last week's violence was remembered this afternoon. senior correspondent eric shaun has that part of the story.
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>> reporter: it was a massive emotional tribute to a young officer. sean collar was in his m.i.t. university patrol car on the edge of campus thursday night when the tsarnaev brothers allegedly shot him in the head. collier was only 27 years old. more than 10,000 mourners filled the m.i.t. athletic field in his honor. vice president joe biden, whose first wife and baby daughter were killed in a car crash in 1972, spoke from the heart as he looked directly at shawn's parents. >> i hope you find some solace in this moment of extreme grief looking around this field and listening to what is being said and written in response and the people of this country and around the world about your son. >> sean's brother said he was born to be a police officer. >> people have asked me if sean were here, what would he think? are you kidding me?
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he would love this. he got sirens, flashing lights, formations, people saluting, bag pines, taps, the american flag. he would have loved it. >> the killing has hit m.i.t. hard. this make shift campus memorial near where collier was shot is filled with flowers, flags, and messages. for many students he was almost one of them going on hikes and even attending their dances. >> really value and revere. the sacrifice he made for this community. it really brings to mind how wonderful it is that there are people who really do, you know, value the m.i.t. kmun commit at this and the boston community to such an extent that they can pull the their lives on the line for it. >> reporter: m.i.t. is now creating the collier medal. the university says it will be awarded each year to the student who demonstrates the values and
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dedication as exhibited by officer sean collier. bret. >> eric shawn live in boston. eric, thank you. we told you at the top of the program about thursday's dedication of the george w. bush presidential center. make sure to tune in tomorrow night to see my sitdown interview with former president and mrs. bush. we talk about the boston bombings, his legacy and the future of the republican party as well. we'll have extensive coverage of the ceremonies tomorrow. all four living formal presidents and president obama will be on hand. of course libraries and museums are all about legacies. legacies evolve over time. tonight bret hume look at how americans view the bush presidency and how that may be changing. >> hi, bret. it's too soon to say that the opening of the george w. bush library coincides with his rehabilitation in the ice of the public, but there are increasing
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signs that day is coming. a washington post poll just out finds 47% of voters approving mr. bush. the same rating president obama now has and a roughly 40% increase over the approval mr. bush had when he left office. part of this is doubtless the mellowing of public sentiment out of the public eye. it may get the dignified silence he has obtained as his successor has criticized and blamed him for the nation's problems. people are perhaps beginning to appreciate that president bush for all his texas swagger is a gentleman who unlike his successor ever used the bully pulpit. the pomt taken after the boston bombing shows renewed awareness that despite the con throw verse jis over the wars in afghanistan and iraq, mr. bush kept the homeland safe after 9/11. he noted in his farewell address that most americans moved on to
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9/11 to live as it was before. i never did. indeed, he didn't. the war on terror as he called it was the central mission of his presidency. the public may now be increasingly grateful that it was. >> all right. as always, thank you. what do you think of the bush legacy? let me know on twitter. follow me @bretbaier. what do you think about the slowdown if you travel because of sequester furloughs. mike reports on the blame game. >> reporter: the faa says more than 1025 flight delays yesterday alone were attributable to staffing reductions resulting from furloughs. sings the $637 million cuts to federal aviation have been reality, at a house hearing they grilled the faa administrator about why they were only made
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available last week. >> we're talking about so% four months. >> you didn't tell them which airports, which airlines. >> we told them they should expect significant impacts at major hub facilities. >> la de da. everyone new that. >> reporter: they accused them of giving them a 4% cut and shifting it to a 10% cut on air traffic controllers. >> this imperial attitude on the part of the administration is disgusting. >> reporter: meanwhile a leading committee democrat blamed the house for not dealing with the cuts. >> it is mystifying to me that some are surprised by congress's failure. >> reporter: they say the furloughs could be carried out differently. >> i have a hard time believing that at lan that, chicago,
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several other hub's impact on the entire system is a lot bigger. no matter how you slice this. >> on the issue of safety. >> can you again look the american people in the eye and say the sequester will have no affect on safety? >> yes. the impact will be on efficiency, but we will not do anything to compromise safety. >> reporter: across the capitol the senate majority leader claim the sequester cuts could hurt society in much bigger ways. >> it can hurt the country. aids, park kins disease or cancer. >> remember cans pounced on that line with one telling me washington's scare among gerg of the sequester hit a new low. it's a 5% cut to a budget that has doubled over ten years. mike more on the bush legacy.
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the government spends almost 1 million tax dollars a year on nothing. that's later in the grapevine. first, the defense makes a brazen and astounding move in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion doctor. george w. bush presidential library and museum is the 13th presidential museum in the national archives and records administration. it's the only one with a full scale replica where you can sit behind the desk, answer the phone, take pirs tires. having been in that oval office during the bush years, i can tell you this looks exactly the same down to every detail. coming outside, they're making final preparations for the big day. it's a very rare event on stage to get four form jer presidents altogether. it will happen on thursday. on this side you'll have the carters and clintons. on this side you'll have president bush and mrs. bush. 43.
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president bush and mrs. bush, 41 and you'll have the current president and mrs. obama. a big day as you look ought over the lectern there will be people from around the world and the country in a packed area. millions will be watching around the world on this dedication of the library. special report continues after the break. ♪
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whatever jurors were expecting from the defense in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion doctor, what they got today wasn't it. correspondent shannon breen has a report which contains some disturbing material. >> reporter: an unexpected development today as the defense
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rested in the kermit goznel case without presenting a single witness. the surprising move came off the prosecution came after outlike its case who is accused of, among other things, killing babies after they were born alive. jack mcmahon convinced the judge of dismissing three of the murder counts. >> i don't want to speculate. that was a good thing. >> reporter: by failing to present even a single character witness, the defense seems to be gambling that gosnel is innocent as to the other four charges. if convicted gosnel could face the death penalty. dozens of witnesses testified about conditions at the clinic detailing numerous instances of late term babies being born following abortion procedures showing, they said, signs of life and then being killed by
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having their spinal cords snipped. planned parenthood of southeastern pennsylvania is quoted saying gosnell committed, quote, criminal horrendous acts and should be appropriately punished. gosnell's patients showed up and complained about what they had seen. steinberg never indicated that her employees ever reported anything but we encouraged them to report it to the department of health. prosecutors found that the health department had not inspected gosnell's clinic in 17 years even after the death of two patients. closing arguments will begin monday. >> reporter: today the white house says that president obama has canceled plans to speak in washington on thursday night. he will speak to the organization's supporters at a smaller event friday morning. bret. >> shannon, thank you. a priest who has spoken out at
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pro life rallies has asked a judge to have funerals for the remains of those who were aborted in the gosnell facility. father frank pavone says he wants to treat the remains as human bodies not medical waste. >> one is to properly honor these children, of course, who have been dishonored by what dr. gosnell did and, secondly, again, to alert the public to raise the consciousness that we are talking about real killings here. >> please join us for a one hour special presentation, see no evil, the kermit gosnell case, sunday, may 5th at 9:00 p.m. eastern. still ahead, the george w. bush legacy. up next, trying to get the controversial oil flowing through the controversial keystone pipeline.
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through the controversial
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republicans want president obama to step on the gas and approve a controversial project to bring canadian oil to the gulf coast. white house correspondent wendell gohler tonight on the latest strategy to speed things up. >> reporter: the events the obama administration is dragging its feet on approving the keystone pipeline helps consider a bill that would bypass the need to give the epa the go ahead. >> as you see time and time again, this vital energy project has fallen victim to the obama administration roadblocks and delays. >> reporter: the latest potential delay occurred monday when a state department review contained insufficient information about the environmental impact.
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the epa said it was concerned that transporting crude oil via pipeline could lead to spills like one in arkansas last month and concern about the social cost of higher greenhouse gas emissions, not only from burning the oil sands crude but from extracting it. at the state department they noted the review process is not done yet. >> we continue to review the keystone xl pipeline in a transparent and efficient manner. >> reporter: at the white house they shrugged off the house republicans attempt to deal them a hand. >> i understand the house republicans have a political interest in this. they have demonstrated it in the past. >> reporter: a year ago they tried to speed up the approval by tying the decision to a payroll tax cut. mr. obama called their bluff by saying his decision was no. on this day some of his natural allies in organized labor were pressuring him to let construction begin. >> we're tired of waiting and we believe the time has come to make the final decision on one of the most important projects
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to unlock the energy future for this country, the keystone xl pipeline. >> reporter: nearly 2/3 of the southern pipeline is already built and there are widely differing estimates of how many jobs building the remainder will create. >> our own state department estimates this project will create approximately 42,100 jobs over the one to two-year construction period. the temporary jobs number in the few thousands and the long-term jobs number in the few dozens. is that not correct? >> reporter: house republicans have 100 co-sponsors for their keystone pipeline bill. they hope to pass it before memorial day and send it onto the senate but its prospects are dim there and there's even less chance president obama will sign it. bret. >> wendell gohler live on the north lawn. thank you. the state department disagreed today with the conclusions by five house investigative committees run by
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republicans. it found the obama administration deliberately covered up facts surrounding the attack on the consulate in benghazi libya last september 11th. a new fox poll shows 39% of people surveyed believe hillary clinton was aware of a cable from the consulate asking for more security. they think it's troubling if she did not see it. 11% believe it's not a big deal. today white house press secretary jay carney suggest clinton did not see the cables. stocks were mixed today. the dow lost 43. the s&p 500 and nasdaq were both up a fraction of a point. the world health organization says a businessman in taiwan contracted the bird flu while visiting main land china. the first known case of it outside that country. officials say the flu strain is one of the most lethal and can pass more easily from birds to humans than previous viruses. we'll tell you about an almost incomprehensible waste of
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your tax dollars. the grapevine is next. @
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. as americans suffer through flight delays, you might be interested to know the government spends $900,000 a year on nothing. no, really, on nothing. almost a million bucks to keep empty bank accounts open. the washington post reports the feds had at last check 13,712
3:31 pm
bank accounts with a zero balance. those accounts incur a $65 annual service charge. the obama administration has made some progress in closing those empty accounts. the controller at the office of management and budget says in 2011 there were more than 28,000 accounts with a balance of zero. a west virginia lawmaker firmly believes there is no such thing as a free lunch. republican delegate ray canter berry is drawing harsh criticism saying school children should have to perform janitor duties to earn a free lunch. canterberry opposed a bill to solicit donations from nonprofits to expand the school's free lunch program. quote, i think it would be a good idea if perhaps the kids worked for their lunches, trash to be taken out, hallways to be swept, lawns to be mowed. make them earn it. if they miss a lunch they might not in class that afternoon learn to add, they might not
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learn to diagram a sentence but they'll learn an important lesson. finally, effective immediately, there are montpelier more fiss -- no more. they have signed a law eradicating almost all gender specific language so freshmen are first year student. pen menship will be called handwriting and fishermen are just plain fishers. there are few exceptions including manholes. apparently there's no other word that makes sense for that one. we'll have an interview with president george w. bush and mrs. bush tomorrow, as we said, with a sneak peek tonight at 10:00 p.m. on the record with greta. we'll also give you a tour of this new presidential library and museum behind me tonight and a looks at the bush legacy. with that, here's chief washington correspondent james grossman. >> reporter: four years after president george w. bush left
3:33 pm
washington bringing to a close two tumultuous terms in the white house polls show his approval rating steadily increasing. registered voters are now evenly split in their judgments of the 43rd president, a dramatic improvement over the approval ratings in the 30s that marked his final days. historian steven knot is the author of a sympathetic reassessment. >> far too many of my fellow academics proclaimed the bush presidency a failure even in some cases before his presidency was completed. it took at least 20 years before trueman began to kind of creep up on those lists of presidential greatness. >> reporter: while saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction, the stated reason of the iraq war never turned up, saddam's removal of power, and its healthy resumption of oil production despite continuing violence were all cited as positive developments even by
3:34 pm
mr. bush's 2004 opponent. >> i think our troops did an absolutely stunning job, extraordinary job. >> even press bush? >> he deserves credit for what the troops did when they went in. >> reporter: historians are likely to write mr. bush's fitful response to hurricane katrina as his greatest failing in office. the results of a financial crash in 2007 whose origin some trace back to clinton era policies. douglas brinkley credited the polling surge to president bush to what was the most traumatic event of the bush years. >> i think that because 9/11 is such a defining moment in our lives like pearl harbor or the kennedy assassination, people will start remembering 9/11 and do recall that george w. bush in my opinion did a pretty good job of uniting the country in those weeks of dire need. >> there is much more to the bush 43 legacy, of course. tax cuts, no child left behind, the war in afghanistan and a
3:35 pm
major push against aids in africa. when henry kissinger told nixon history would be kinder, nixon replied, that depends on who's writing the history. bret. >> our resident historian james rosen. james, thank you. getting to the root of radicalization. we'll talk about the search to find the reasons for the boston marathon bombing. the buzzoff stars join me after a quick time-out. >> the architectural signature of the bush presidential library is this. freedom hall. it's a 67 foot tall area. there's a lantern type thing on the top, but you can see there's a 20 foot tall screen. 360 degrees. hd screen. it's an amazing scene that starts off with scenes of texas, then washington and you can see all of these pictures, thousands of pictures pop up. it's called we the people. basically the vignettes are designed to point out that any
3:36 pm
person in america could become president of the united states, and a person who comes through the door here in the museum, they could see their face in one of these pictures. also inside the museum, a piece of the world trade center hit by one of the planes on 9/11. a stark reminder that the u.s. is always under a terrorist threat. "special report" continues after this. of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on
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we just had a young person who went to russia and chechnya who blew people up in boston. he came back with a willingness to kill people. secretary of state kerry after he said that not only did the state department but the white house walked it back saying he wasn't talking about tamerlan tsarnaev specifically, he was talking more broadly, however, we did learn and confirm today that the cia tried to put tamerlan tsarnaev on a terrorist watch list and that russia, in fact, contacted the cia, not just the fbi but the cia about tamerlan tsarnaev. all kinds of alarm bells in the u.s. government about tsarnaev and his trip overseas. let's bring in our panel about this investigation back in washington, steve hayes. senior writer for "the weekly
3:41 pm
standard." and syndicated columnist charles. steve, it seems like every day there's something. today was a big development that led our show. >> yeah, it certainly was. i think you actually in the intro there basically highlighted both of the big developments of the day. the number one development obviously is that the cia was notified by the russian fsb, the russian security services, after the russians went to the fbi, the fbi reported back to the russians that they didn't find anything, and then the russians basically took the file to the cia and said, hey, we want you to have a look which suggests that the russians were frustrated that they hadn't found anything. now the fbi will say, look, we went back to the russians, we asked them for more information and they didn't provide it, but it's clear now that the russians were trying to provide information and that our government didn't follow up on it or at least follow up on it as much as they might have. the second, i think, major development today is that we are seeing the consensus shifting on whether there might have been
3:42 pm
foreign involvement or jihadi training for tamerlan tsarnaev. others have reported there were no foreign ties. officials had basically ruled those out. we were getting that via leaks from the fbi and from others and there seems to be a broad reconsideration of that fact. i think it was reflected in what you heard from senator kerry. we're now hearing it from other officials at homeland security and the fbi. i spoke to sachsb. chand less and he said to me, the guy didn't spend 6 months in russia eating and sleeping as his daddy said. if you believe that, i've got ocean front property in nebraska to sell you. so i think we're seeing a shift on whether he might have had involvement with jihadists overseas. >> no matter what your point of view, both sides of the aisle are saying it's been a couple of bad days and you can hear the testing behind me here for the dedication tomorrow. a couple of bad days for the
3:43 pm
administration up on capitol hill and trying to get to the bottom of the investigation. >> right. i think there was a feeling over the weekend when you had one suspect dead and another one finally in custody and talking that this was going to be neatly tied up pretty soon. there was obviously talk. we've been reading that this -- they acted alone and the authorities who have been dealing with him are confident of that. what steve mentioned, the idea that there could be this other group with direct involvement or individuals who had helped train tamerlan and provide him with the expertise to build his own suicide vest, etc., when he was overseas. what secretary of state kerry was referring to. it just becomes a larger threat. it's a totally different story if we're talking about people that helped him overseas, even if his older brother only came into it very late in the'v pla and whether or not there are others here in the u.s. that were possibly involved. the problem with the revelation
3:44 pm
that the fbi actually -- that the cia actually had to put him on a list when the fbi hadn't and department of homeland security hadn't is the trouble. this is a level of dysfunction. the fact that the government can't share information in a productive and effective way nearly 12 years after 9/11 is really frightening. >> charles, this story is surreal already, but it's even getting more so. a.p. is just crossing and we're confirming a statement bizarre n -- by tsarnaev's attorneys. each of our employees will be furloughed between now and september 30th. it's too early to say how this will affect our case saying the sequester is going to furlough them in the defense of tsarnaev. >> well, as you said, maybe we
3:45 pm
could pay the lawyers with a million dollars that we're spending, as you said in the grapevine, on nothing. on the $60 a year on the 12,000 empty bank accounts. it is preposterous that a government that spends $3.6 trillion is unable to find enough to end up paying for a public defender. so that's just a farce. but i think what's really happening here is you're getting a huge embarrassment and defensive actions on the part of the administration as it's beginning to unfold how much they screwed up here. we now know that there were three agencies of this administration that had information about the brother, the elder brother. cia, fbi, and as we heard yesterday the secretary of the homeland security said there was a ping in the system when he went over and visited russia. so -- and the fact that not one
3:46 pm
of the three contacted or exchanged information with the other two is really damning, particularly if you put it in the context of where you're standing today. the one thing that the bush administration and the presidency did is it kept us safe, but not only in its own seven years, it established the entire infrastructure. it redid the entire organization of the intelligence agencies in order to make sure that we wouldn't have a repeat of 9/11 where one agency isn't hearing what the other agency knows. and that has persisted, but it looks as if in this administration it has all fallen apart. >> quickly, steve, one last thing. the homeland security -- house homeland security chair also saying today what we've reported, that the device itself, one of the bombs, was very sophisticated using a transmitter from a toy car.
3:47 pm
very sophisticated explosive device. and what they believe, very professional. they are saying -- he said, mccall said today, not something that you could learn over the internet. add that to what they found on their website, it's starting to paint a little bit of a different picture. >> it is, and i think that's one of the reasons the consensus has been shifting. these are the things that are being briefed to lawmakers behind the scenes in classified briefings and in discussions that they're having in unclassified settings. i think they're learning more about the nature of the attacks, the sophistication of the devices that were used, as you say, and these potential ties to foreign terrorists. we should be careful. there's a lot we don't know at this point, and one of the things we were saying very early on was wait for the information to come to us. let's not rule out anything. i think now that's still good counsel. >> as the band kicks up here practicing for tomorrow. next up, the philadelphia abortion doctor trial and president obama at planned
3:48 pm
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as you know, the president had been scheduled to speak at planned parenthood. that has been rescheduled for friday morning. that has been rescheduled to spend more time with those who were killed in west, texas. >> if a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would planned parenthood want to have happen with that struggling child. >> thank you, mr. chairman. well, we believe -- we believe that, you know, any decision
3:52 pm
that's made should be left up to the family -- to the woman be, her family and the physician. >> i think that at that point the patient would be the child struggling on the table. >> president obama is speaking to planned parenthood on friday, not thursday night in the keynote address spot but friday morning. but he's still speaking to planned parenthood. that last clip from the florida house about plant parent hood there. we're back with the panel. all of this comes in the context of the gosnell trial. the defense resting. a.b., how about this in context, big picture and the white house's choice to move forward with this speech. >> we've noted that the gosnell trial didn't receive very much coverage at first. now it's a big national story and a lot of people are paying attention to it. people are horrified, those that are pro life and pro choice. women, men, everybody. and this is an interesting choice. you know, last week the white
3:53 pm
house spokesman was asked about this and didn't have a statement ready, which was sort of -- you know, they knew it would be coming and they didn't have something to say. now speaking to planned parent 45 hood is particularly tricky since the head of the pennsylvania planned parenthood chapter conceded that, yes, people came to pennsylvania planned parenthood clinics complaining about the services provided at gosnell's clinics and planned parenthood did not follow through. they said you can write a letter to the department of health but they did not seek any inquiry into what was going on at that clinic. as you know, it wasn't monitored for 17 years. it's a particularly awkward thing for the president, i think, to be going there rather than to any generic group. >> charles, to your point, a.b., our tweet to the panel from joseph asks this, when are abortion clinics going to be tightly regulated? and, yes, inspected more?
3:54 pm
charles? >> i think when the public demands it, but when you hear the testimony we just heard of that woman from planned parenthood saying that you have a child born alive and whether you are going to treat it as a human is up to the woman -- the doctor and the family, that is absurd. that is shocking. and that is, in fact, what happened in the gosnell clinic where it was decided by the people in that clinic to let the child die or to kill it. and that is fantasized. one point, be obama when he was in the illinois -- when he was a member of the statehouse in illinois, he voted three times against making it a crime to kill or allow to die a child born after an abortion. so this is not something that he is not in some way approving of, and i think it's a damming thing for him and for the whole administration. >> steve. >> i think charles' point is
3:55 pm
key -- the last point is key as it comes to previewing what the president is likely to say. i think if this were any other president, even a president who were pro choice you could expect in the come text of this national discussion that we're having on abortion him to show some shock and disgust and outrage at what happened in philadelphia, but because the president had voltted the way tt he did back in the illinois legislature, it's a very difficult argument for the president to make that at this point this is as horrifying as it is i think to pretty much everybody in the country. >> panel, thank you. that is it for the panel. stay tuned for a look at what's coming up tomorrow here in texas. . ♪
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they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is [ angry gibberish ] >> bret: finally tonight, it's been a pleasure to come to you this evening from the george w. bush presidential library and museum here on the campus of southern methodist university in dallas. tomorrow is the big day here. the five members of the world's most exclusive club, current and former presidents of the united states will be here for the dedication ceremonies. please join us at 6:00 eastern to see my sit down interview with former president bush and mrs. bush. we're also taking a tour around the center. and some amazing things inside. we also have tonight an online show that we'll do from dallas. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, new information and multiple red flags raised about one of the boston bombing suspects. how he ended up on the government's radar two years ago. plus, the feds in russia grilling the suspect's parents. the suspect's father tells fox news both parents are planning a trip to the united states and they both insist their sons are innocent. >> somebody else did this, and my sons were blamed for it. >> he was counseled by the fbi for like three to five years. >> shepard: now we are learning cops could arrest the mother if she steps foot on u.s. soil. plus, the older brother apparently went shopping for some serious fire


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